Environmental Benefits

  • Lystek technology redirects biosolids from landfills and incineration for use as fertilizer.
  • Reduces energy usage associated with biosolids processing with resulting cost and environmental benefits.
  • The technology produces a CFIA registered fertilizer with a ten-fold reduction in odour.
  • Produces pathogen-free concentrates, enriched with custom fertilizer value to meet the needs of farmers while protecting local surface water and water supplies.
  • Provides effective treatment of thickened or dewatered raw or digested sludges.
  • Stable product for winter storage (freeze-thaw stable) without any re-growth of harmful pathogens such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella and fecal coliforms even after prolonged storage.
  • The core process is also directly applicable to the treatment of biosolids waste from farm animals and food processing industry.