Biosolids Processing


Lystek offers advanced biosolids processing technologies for biosolids produced by municipal wastewater treatment plants and similar, organic waste materials from the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. Our end product, LysteGro, is a pathogen-free, nutrient-rich fertilizer that exceeds the definition for United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Class A EQ material. Lystek bio-fertilizer has also been registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The core Lystek technology is an innovative, energy-efficient and cost-effective process involving a combination of heat, alkali, and high shear mixing to produce a high-solid, pathogen-free, nutrient-rich, liquid bio-fertilizer product. One of the key benefits of the Lystek process is found in a breakthrough discovery that creates a stable, high solid, low viscosity liquid material with a solid concentration in the range of 14 – 17%. The processed bio-fertilizer can be transported and land applied using conventional liquid handling equipment.

The Lystek process can effectively treat thickened or dewatered raw or digested biosolids. The system not only reduces odours but further modifies them to have a more “earthy” aroma. Reduced, less offensive odours help to enhance public acceptance.

Recycling of LysteGro also improves anaerobic digester performance and significantly enhances methane production for further utilization as bio-fuel for green energy. An integrated system approach, featuring Lystek technology in combination with biological nutrient removal system (BNR) and anaerobic digestion can result in net volume sludge reduction by as much as 40%, while also improving denitrification and phosphorous removal processes at wastewater treatment plants.

Lystek is also developing additional bio-fertilizer product formulations for a range of other beneficial uses